Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bad News Regarding Word Verification

OK...I just looked and my blog is already set for "no" word verification.  Why it's asking for word verification now is beyond me.  I went ahead and tried checking "yes" for word verification and then immediately changing it back to "no" for word verification and saving it again.  Maybe that will do it?

Meanwhile, I found this lady's blog and she tells you how to change it.  She must have been having the same problem as me.  The bad news is that you can't change it from the new Blogger Dashboard.  You have to go back to the old one in order to change it.  Does that mean when they eliminate the old one we will all have to have word verification?


Word Verification

OK...Sandie just told me that my blog has word verification. This happens when I put a new post up. I did not set up this blog for word verification. I HATE word verification, but for some reason when I put up a new post on this blog it reverts back to word verification and I have to go back and change it. It doesn't happen on my other blog. I sometimes think Blogger is more trouble than it's worth. I haven't posted in a long time over here and now I have to figure out once again how to remove it. 

Monday, July 2, 2012


I finally got my tree up on Ancestry.com. My six month free subscription will expire this month, but I'm going to go ahead and pay to renew it. Real life has required my attention lately and I'm just now getting it up.

I did find that Ancestry.com privatized some names that shouldn't have been privatized and vice versa, but most went up correctly.  I've been busy making corrections and adding pictures and documentation. 

You can find my tree here.  I named it Who's Who In My Past.

I love the old photographs.  Sadly, I'm afraid these are becoming a thing of the past.  I always think it's sad to see piles of old photos in flea markets and antique places.  Why didn't someone in the family want them?  I guess in the future instead of piles of photos we'll see piles of CD's or whatever the latest thing for photo storage exists then.

This is my husband in his toy fire engine.  The year was 1948.
 This is me on my new bike sometime in the early 1950's.
This is my mom as a young child sometime in the 1920's.
And this is one of my favorite pictures of my Dad with his brother and friend.  Obviously a staged photo.  My Dad was an avid Chicago White Sox fan and loved baseball.  I guess this was taken sometime in the early 1930's.